First off, what a lovely time I had at Te Pooka.  Mat and I played to a room of strange and wonderful people in flamboyant dress.  Great atmosphere – a cross between a Medina and a circus tent.  Seems like everyone there was talented – many were on stage at some point in the evening and one girl stopped me to show me the colour sketch she’d done of me while I’d been playing : )  Amongst the music, spoken word, juggling, (clothed) pole dancing and hula-hoop routine, I shall hopefully be back…

So tomorrow night I’ve been invited to play a special Fondoo event in Peebles along with Ken Barrett and Gecko 2.  I played the first ever Fondoo event back in January and they wrote this lovely review.

There aren’t many original music nights of this quality in the Borders so try and go along and support it if you can.

I may be sitting in on a song with Ken, then I’ll do a 40 min solo set followed by Marty Philip & I performing as Gecko 2 (Gecko without Hugh).  Hugh’s away somewhere so I’ll be beatboxing to fill in the gaps.  Hugh said he was pleased he can be easily replaced by my lips and a microphone.

Should be a great night so hop on a bus to Peebles!

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