Album recording – Day 5

Happily beavering away in my artist’s recluse – can’t believe 5 days are almost up already.  Seems like I’m only just getting going but loving every minute.

So here was the plan:  go and record 16 songs in their entirety including allowing plenty of time to get my guest musician’s parts down.  This plan was hatched a few months back, thinking I’d have plenty of time to get prepared, get all the guide tracks sorted and have lots of practices so it would just be a case of going in and doing it.  Unfortunately the world had other plans for me in the last few months and my time away was on me before I realised.  There’s a lot to be said for blanking out some days in your diary for yourself – I’ve never actually done this since I started working 9 to 5 and it feels amazing – definitely going to be a regular thing.

So apart from loving the stress-free solitude, here’s what’s been happening:

Day 1 – packed all my gear and did last minute shopping, set off for recluse.  Arrived (about 6pm), unpacked, set up the drums, cooked some scran, ate scran, set up the computer.

Day 2 – set about learning how to use my new audio software (possibly should have done that earlier…), mic’d up the kit, did a test recording (all good), imported some old guide tracks and had a bit of a drum practice.

Day 3 – realised there’s some work involved as I haven’t played drums in over a year.  Did a lot of practice and eventually got a good take of Ricochet.  Planned out what I’m actually trying to do in terms of songs, orchestration and how I’m going to record each song e.g. click or no-click, guide track or no-guide track.

Day 4 – Conceded drumming isn’t quite as easy as Hugh makes it look.  That said, got a nice take of the Sushi song done and recorded a few more guide tracks.

Day 5 – Spent a long time on the guide for 200 Miles – I’ve got a plan for this one and can’t wait to hear the final result.  Got drum takes down for Glad to See You and Vapour Trails (after a lot of pain) and that brings me to now.  Mat Clements is coming on thursday to do some percussion so I’ve got a few more guides to sort out before I sleep…


Drums - how hard can it be?

Drums - how hard can it be?

It’s so tranquil here… wind chimes, bird song, the wind whispering through the autumn leaves, me drumming : )

Public thanks to Hugh for the loan of his kit and red magic carpet.

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  • I knew you must have been doing a lot of drumming because you speeded up during the week…