So.  I’m finally putting my money where my mouth is and recording a solo album!  I’ve only had rough demos before so a while ago I set aside 10 days in my crazy calendar to work on recording some of my own songs.

As under-prepared as ever, that day has now arrived and I have no choice but to head off to my secret artist’s recluse and get busy!

Some of you know me as ‘moose’ which for some reason has stuck as my stage name in Gecko 3.  So for my first solo album ‘Eponymoose’ is the working title.

I have a few production ideas and will be working with Mat, Tracey, Vicky & Udit to capture some of the live stuff we’ve done this year but beyond acoustic guitar and vocals, I’ve no solid idea how this record is going to end up sounding.  I want it to sound much bigger than just one guitar and one voice but right now, I’m off to have 10 days of fun and immersion!


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