Alex Cornish Tour

What better way to unwind at the end of  a busy Edinburgh Festival than to go off around the UK on tour with promising singer-songwriter Alex Cornish?

I’ve been playing double-bass for this man for a few months now and it’s quite inspiring to see what can be achieved as an independent musician in this 21st century music industry.  The dominance of the major labels has waned and through social networking and affordable music production technology, the opportunities available to indie artists have never been better for those willing to take them – Nizlopi at UK No. 1 anyone?

This is a subject I’m likely to witter on about at great length as it’s close to my heart but until then, check out what can be done with a bit of focus, hard slog and a lot of talent at

His new album Call Back is out at the end of this month and it sounds amazing (though, I reckon lack of double-bass was a foolish omission… ; )

I bought Alex a load of beer and tricked him into letting me do a couple of support slots when he  was less mentally astute.  Next one is Sunday night in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at The Head of Steam which is the last night of the tour so hopefully see you Newcastle peeps there!

Lovely gig last night at The Railway, Winchester (see new video above) – thanks for all the kind words (and for arranging the Sushi – you know who you are!).

Pic: a Corn Dog (Alex’s rap name, should he decide to pursue a hip-hop direction)

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