New Year, New Band

A new year and I’ve finally put a band together!  We had our first gig as a 3-piece in Peebles in December and it was bizarrely liberating to not be dancing over a loop pedal and be able to play more minimal guitar parts because the rhythm section had it covered.  I’m enjoying being able to focus more on singing.

So I’m working with some talented people:

Andy Farquhar (drums) who’s a full time drum teacher and has played with some great Edinburgh bands such as Traveler and My Radio.  He’s also a co-collaborator on Alan R Davisons forthcoming White Eagle Lounge album.

Andy likes skiing, cookery, Mexican beer and lumberjack shirts

John Need (bass) is a professional photographer and a mean bassist having played with the likes of Graeme Mearns Band and Papa Kane.

John likes snowboarding, European lager and beanie hats.  He is not only in the band because I reckon I’ll get free photography and video…

Jules Philip (backing vocals) is a full-time artist and works with me in the Andi Neate band.

Jules likes ice-skating, all kinds of alcohol and rabbits.

So – I have the musicians but there was dissension in the ranks with the feeling that “Paul Gilbody” was too egoistical a band name.  My response is, hey I’ve waited this long to finally have my own band and (let’s face it) it’s all about me so that’s fine in my opinion.

Anyway, as it was coming up to Christmas, I conceded and we did our first gig as The Pee Gees.

Unfortunately, (keen ice-skater) Jules had a nasty fall on the day of the gig and was rushed to hospital so we played as a 3-piece.

The gig went well but it was suggested that The Pee Gees may run in to issues due to it’s similarity to the legendary Bee Gees but it was better than the other suggestions.  i.e. PG and The Tips, Gilbody against the Machine and Paul Gilbody-waddy-waddy.

New year came and went and our first gig as a four piece loomed.  Rehearsals were going well but John announced that he will refuse to go on stage unless the band has a new name.  I’m happy with Paul Gilbody but the guys want a slice of the pie so I came up with: Paul Gilbody and The Gaze.

Bizarrely, John thought this was a good idea and promptly whipped up a flyer (below) – (pictured: drummer Andy)

So there you have it.  Suffice it to say, although it’s good, this is a temporary name for one night only.

I will be having a web-poll on band names soon so please send in any suggestions via the contact form!

There will be a prize if I use your suggestion.

In other news, I’ve almost finished my new solo EP which will be released in the Spring.

It will be released as “Paul Gilbody”…

Happy 2012 everyone!

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