Album, single and gig news!

A quick update on the album progress for you since I’ve been staring at a computer screen pretty much non-stop for the last two weeks.  Ironic that since I quit my IT job I’m spending more time at a desk in front of a machine than before.  At least this is music software though.

The recordings are sounding great and I have a lot of production ideas for each of the songs.  I’ve even roped in the assistance of Alex Cornish to do some string arranging, Italy-based keys maestro Paolo Apollo Negri to put some incredible Hammond and Rhodes parts down and a number of very special guest backing vocalists.  My incredibly talented cousin Tom Jennings will be doing the album art as well!

Some of these songs are more than a few years old and so this album has been a long time coming.  I want it to be as good as it can be so I’m not fixing a release date until the mixes are just right.  It will be sometime in the Spring of 2013 however.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a 3-track single featuring one track from the album and 2 ‘bonus’ tracks.  More on that soon!

In gig news, I’m very excited to be supporting Alex Cornish again on his November UK tour – dates on

Also, tomorrow evening I’m looking forward to a lovely gig hosted by Lamp House Music in Haddington which has created a really special music hub and community there.  Find them on Facebook too!

Lamp House Flyer

Tickets are still available if you’re in the area.  Preview here on page 8 of Music News Scotland.


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