New Video – Quicksand, live at the Edinburgh Fringe


I’m very excited to be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe with the latest line-up of my all-star 6-piece band.

This year I’m joined by:

Tickets available at the Fringe Box Office

To whet your appetite, here’s a chilled-out video from last year’s show.

Have a great Fringe!


New Year, New Video

Happy 2016!

I was recently reminded by my pal Steve Richer of a video I hadn’t uploaded from the Jan 2014 live shoot he did with Bradley Steenkamp.  This was possibly my favourite of the four recordings, despite a guitar fluff due to cold hands and (mainly) ineptitude.

Steve also shot some lovely footage during my full band show at the Edinburgh Fringe last August so please subscribe to my YouTube channel and expect some up of that up in the near future too!

Here is the final video of the Jan session – Magnets Have Souls.

A live version of this was previously released on the very limited physical CD version of my 3-track Ricochet single.  So if you missed out, you’ll have to make do with the title track only stream of Ricochet on Spotify.

I have very good vibes about 2016.  Hope it’s a good one for you too!